Cosyfloor™ Cable Mat 200/2.0

Cosyfloor™ Cable Mat 200/2.0 - click to enlarge Cosyfloor™ Cable Mat 200/2.0

   200W/m-  0.5m x 4m

   Maintenance free

   Reduces condensation

   Keeps wall space free

   10 year warranty

Suitable for virtually any sized room, the Cosyfloor™ Cable Mat type 200/2.0 (0.5m x 4m) is ideal for installing beneath tiles, marble, stone and similar finishes.  They can also be fitted beneath carpet but must be suitably protected in accordance with instructions. Controlled via a thermostat, Cosyfloor™ can either give full room heating or a gentle background heat to take the chill off the floor.

There are many sizes of Mats in the range and, as they can be fitted in multiples, the system is suitable for virtually any sized room.

Cosyfloor™ Mats are easy to install by any DIY enthusiast but a qualified electrician must make the electrical connections.

Additional product information
Product: 200/2.0
Width: 0.5m
Length: 4m
Area Covered (m²): 2m
Heat Output: 800w
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cosyfloor™ be cut?
The matting can be cut to fit around fixed objects as described in the Fitting Instructions. The cables must never be cut as this will alter the resistance. However the non-heating cold tails can be cut or extended to the required length.
What temperature will the floor reach?
Approximately 27 - 30°c
Under what floor surfaces can Cosyfloor™ be installed?
Tiling, limestone, marble, stone, carpet, etc. If installed beneath carpet, the cables should be covered with a layer of self levelling compound to guard against possible damage and to give a firm base on which to walk. Underlay suitable for electric underfloor heating must also be used.
How long does it take to heat up?
In normal circumstances, floor tiles will become slightly warm after approximately 30 minutes and reach optimum operating temperature within 1 - 1½ hours.
What are the lead (cold tail) lengths?
Approximately 4-5 metres. These can be cut or extended on site. To extend any normal domestic twin earthed cable can be used. 1.5mm sq will be sufficient as very little current is being carried.
What tile adhesive should be used?
Proprietary adhesive with additional flexible additives or enhancers.
How are mulitple mats connected?
The cold tails go back to the power supply point - this will normally be a thermostat. They cannot be connected together in series.

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