ECOFLOOR CK2 - click to enlarge ECOFLOOR CK2

   Covers 2.0 - 2.9m²

   Low running cost

   Minimise dust movement

   Keeps wall space free

   10 year warranty


The ECOFLOOR™ Cable Kit CK2 covers between 2.0m² - 2.9m² and includes double insulated and earth screened heating cable drum, programmable thermostat, primer, roller, tape and installation instructions.

ECOFLOOR™ Cable Kits are suitable for particularly irregular shaped rooms to obtain maximum coverage with overall heat. ECOFLOOR™ is suitable for installing beneath many floor finishes including tiles, marble, stone , carpet, etc.

Either full room heating or background heating can be achieved. The 3mm cables are snaked on the floor with the width between the runs set so that the required level of heat is achieved.  The detailed instructions make it easy for the experienced enthusiast to fit, ensuring that all connections are made by a qualified electrician.

Additional product information
Product: CK2
Area to be Heated: 2.0 - 2.9m²
Heat Output: 325w
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to heat up?

Floor tiles will become noticeably warmer after approximately 30 minutes and reach optimum temperature within 1 - 1½ hours.

What is the minimum distance that the cable spacing can be?

It must never be closer than 50mm and the cable must never cross.

If a fault develops can it be repaired?

Providing the system has been laid correctly and tested in accordance with instructions, it is highly unlikely that a fault will develop. However, should a fault arise it can be locally detected with special test equipment and repaired on site.

What are the lead (cold tail) lengths?
Approximately 4-5 metres. These can be cut or extended on site. To extend any normal domestic twin earthed cable can be used. 1.5mm sq will be sufficient as very little current is being carried.
What tile adhesive should be used?
Proprietary adhesive with additional flexible additives or enhancers.
I want to heat a larger area than any of the ECOFLOOR™ cable kits cover

For larger floor areas, several cable kits can be easily connected to one thermostat. Multiples of the above cable kits should be used. For example, to cover 10m² you would use 2x ECOFLOOR CK5 kits.

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