ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Element 360

ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Element 360 - click to enlarge ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Element 360

The ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Element is 0.3m width x 6m length, is easy to fit by the experienced DIY enthusiast and emits a comfortable, even heat throughout the room.

  Easy to install
  Gentle, overall, even heat
  Silent and unobtrusive
  Convenient control via room thermostat
  10 year warranty

The ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Element is 300mm wide x 6000m wide. is easy to fit by the experienced DIY enthusiast and emits a comfortable, even heat throughout the room.

ECOMAT™  Carbon Film Elements are particularly suitable for installation under wood or laminate floors. The range consists of some 40 sizes so that virtually any room size can be fitted.

ECOMAT™  has many advantages over a conventional central heating system including the fact that no radiators are necessary allowing wall space to be used to the maximum, silent in operation, minimal dust and air movement, etc.

Additional product information
Product: ECOMAT360
Width: 300mm
Length: 6000mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ECOMAT™ easy to install?
With the help of the simple instructions included (or downloaded here) ECOMAT™ can be  installed by a DIY enthusiast without problem. However, in accordance with current electrical regulations, a qualified electrician must make all electrical connections and check the system on completion.
Is it necessary to fit a thermostat?

Although the system can be controlled manually by switching on and off, the running costs will be higher as it will almost certainly be running when not required. We recommend that a thermostat be fitted – normally programmable – as this will make the system work efficiently and with the greatest degree of comfort.

Can the element be cut?

ECOMAT™ is available in standard lengths from 2.0m to 8.0m in 0.5m increments. These can be shortened by cutting along the marked cutting lines in accordance with instructions.

Can the elements overlap?
No, to do so could cause overheating and hot spots.
Is there a limit on the number of elements that can be connected?
The switching of a thermostat is 3500w (15 amps). However, an area can be split using more than one stat or the one stat can be protected via a contactor.

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