Depron (pack of 20)

Depron (pack of 20) - click to enlarge Depron (pack of 20)

   Pack of 20 sheets

   1250 x 800 x 6mm

   Noise/heat insulation

Depron sheet is fitted beneath ECOMAT™ Carbon Film Elements to give efficient insulation and effective protection against the cold and damp.  In addition it assists with noise insulation making the floor quieter to walk on. Fitting Depron also reduces energy utilization and keeps running costs to the minimum.

The sheets are 1250 x 800 x 6mm and are produced in foamed polystyrene which does not age. 

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Product: DEPRON20
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a thermostat be used in a bathroom?

Yes, but the controller must be fitted outside the bathroom and the temperature controlled with a floor sensor within the bathroom.

Is it necessary to install insulation beneath underfloor heating?

Whilst it is not necessary it is highly advisable to prevent downward wastage of heat and thereby increase the efficiency of the system.

What thickness is the insulation?

6mm and 10mm sheets are available.

Should the insulation be fixed to the floor?
It is advisable to fix it with PVA adhesive.

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